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Just a few things that have caught my eye on social media

  • It’s Black History Month! Lots of pages are highlighting black entertainers, which is awesome. I’ve seen Venessa Chevelle doing fun daily shout-outs via her Instagram Stories, and Renaissance Noir started a whole campaign under the hashtag #PerformingWhileBlack. Lots of opportunities to follow more great burlesque performers.

  • Inga (Miss Exotic World 2018) has spoken! The unofficial theme for Saturday night at BHoF 2019 is FAUX. I also heard that Kitten Natividad selected GOLD as the color for Friday night. BHoF has reminded everyone that these themes are totally unofficial, but burlesquers love a good costume challenge. How very Emerald City! Time to shop.

  • Speaking of BHoF, they are also celebrating Black History Month by highlighting some of our fave legends on their social media and blog. Toni Elling, the cover girl for this post, is the first feature, and BHoF board member/photographer Neil Kendall will be sharing a bit of oral history and photos from his personal collection.

  • My House of Knyle sisters Crocodile Lightning, Twirlisha Divine, and Coco Rose are doing really big things in the burly world! Both Croc and Twirl got into the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, and Coco Rose is on the cusp of announcing a really huge diversity-in-burlesque initiative. Exciting stuff! That’s just three of us, but my burlesque mother Egypt has been keeping the entire House thinking bigger and bigger, and encouraging us as a unit to level up.

  • A big congrats to my Facebook friend Eva Destruction on winning the 2019 Strippys Arizona Kitten of the Year Award! I saw this on my timeline and it just made me so happy. I stage kittened for years before I even thought about debuting, and I know it can sometimes be a thankless, yet challenging job. Also, shout out to Arizona for having so many fun pageants and awards for strippers. Who knew?! #ItsLit

  • I follow Aria Delanoche’s Get Behind Burlesque members-only Instagram and I am LOVING IT so far! I still feel like such a newbie, and I don’t have time for burlesque classes as much as I would like. I’ve been using Aria’s Insta to supplement my mentorship with Egypt, and it’s been really keeping me on my toes! Love seeing Aria’s posts on my timeline, so shout out to her.

  • My love Gordita Maricona just had a successful show in Richmond this past weekend. She’s one of my favorite performers and I love her, so I just wanted to shout that from a mountaintop.

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