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Looking Forward to 2019

As I prepare for my final two shows of the year (Haux Haux Hauxlliday on the 22nd and the New Years Eve show on the 31st), I am really and truly humbled and honored when I look back on everything that’s gone down in 2018.

In no particular order: I won a regional burlesque competition and competed in my first international burlesque competition (Burlypicks wooo!!!), got accepted to and attended my first festival (New York Burlesque Festival wooo!!), AND got nominated for the 2018 Hottest Freshman Award (Golden Pasties wooo!!). I also had pictures from Atomic Cheesecake Studios published in three (!!!) pin-up magazines.

There were lots of small victories, too. This sounds cheesy, but I feel lucky every single time a producer puts me on their stage. People don’t have to book you for $hit, you know!! Gigs don’t always come easy, and I know I may not be the best fit for every show. But I keep putting myself out there and applying and hoping for the best! I’ve faced rejection, but I try not to dwell on it because what is for me, will come to me!

As I look 2019 in the eye, I am so incredibly proud to say that my body is ready for whatever stage I am blessed enough to grace this year! I am *so* spoiling the surprise here, but next year is shaping up to be a great one.

New blog readers, you heard it here first: I’ll be performing with some supremely bad-ass babes in 2019. Read carefully and get realllll close to your screen to make sure you’re getting alla this… I’ll be performing with my HOUSE OF KNYLE family in Los Angeles, VENESSA CHEVELLE’S AFROTEASE in Richmond, and SYDNI DEVERAUX + WASABASSCO in January (bam!!), JEEZY’S JUKE JOINT in March (pow!!), making my international debut with the PANAMA BURLESQUE FESTIVAL and heading to New York to perform with CALAMITY CHANG at Nurse Bettie in May (boom!!), and I’ll *definitely* be strutting my stuff to attend (not perform, bc that would REALLY be an announcement, lol) the stripper mecca that is the BURLESQUE HALL OF FAME in June (wow!!!).

Lots of other surprises in store, as well. These are just the out-of-town gigs, but there is *so* much more local amazingness in the works right now. There will even be a burlesque show at a pie shop in February!

Long story short: it’s been a great year, thanks to burlesque. I am practicing practicing practicing to make sure I’m in tip-top shape for the stage in 2019, and I am incredibly grateful for all who contributed to the good times. I am also remembering how completely fucking awful my 2016 and part of 2017 were, so I’m feeling very blessed and lucky right now.

Onward and upward!

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