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Rest in Peace, Miss Topsy

Yesterday, Miss Topsy's family friend commented on an older blog post I wrote about her, letting me know that she had recently passed away. I am sending her family and loved ones my deepest condolences!! She was a very loved woman, and her obituary paints a picture of a life filled with family and work that she was very passionate about doing, including her burlesque career. I love that burlesque was not a secret part of her life -- she smashed records all over the world in the 1960s and the Burlesque Hall of Fame is proudly mentioned in her obituary.

I hope she realized how much she touched my life and so, so many others, just her presence. A goddess. I've written about her many times on this blog and how much she influenced burlesque. It didn't feel right to go to sleep tonight without acknowledging that I found out she passed away.

I will write a more in-depth post next week. No words tonight, just sadness. We love you forever, Miss Topsy.

Until next time, and always with love,


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