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More Vintage Black Burly Videos

A still from the 1949 burlesque video

I've kicked my research into high gear in preparation for my shake dancing lecture at BurlyCon 2019! I've been spending many hours at the Library of Congress, sending a shit ton of emails to African-American museums all over the world, and basically doing whatever the f I can to "discover" more black burlesque and shake dancing history. It's been a lot of fun!

Even with all that brainy movin' and shakin' with different historical organizations, my main go to is good-old search engines. I'm not gonna give away all of my stripper librarian search strategies until BurlyCon, but basically I've been playing around with different keywords and lesser-known search engine sites that don't automate your top page results based on ads and profit (here's looking at you, Google).

I wanted to share a tiny bit of what I've found so far -- it's all very exciting. This is a lengthy snippet of a black burlesque show (or, at the very least, all women of color) from 1949. I've seen one snippet on YouTube, but the rest are all new to me. It's such a beauty of a video!


Until next time,

Bebe Bardot

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