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Happy BHoF Weekend! A Guide to Surviving FOMO

Dedicated blog readers may remember my posts a few months ago (here and here) where I promised myself, come hell or high water, that I would make it to BHoF.

The bad news: I should have been more specific with my request, because I *definitely* didn't make it to Vegas this year. The money just isn't looking right this summer, and won't be until well after I start my full-time muggle gig this fall. I was even going to do Naked Girls Reading and volunteer and the whole she-bang, but it just wasn't in the cards. I only have second-hand tales of what I'm missing, since I've never actually been to Vegas before. I'd imagine it's much more difficult for long-time attendees who can't make it this year.

In the meantime, here's my tiny lil' guide to surviving BHoF 2019 FOMO ("Fear of Missing Out"):

  • Get a good connect. Find someone who's there in Vegas, and ask them for updates! Tell them to make sure they let you know who wins as soon as it happens so it's like you're there from afar! You can even have a little noise-maker or something to celebrate on your own at home or wherever you are. Lol!

  • Follow all the hashtags and performers. #bhof2019. #bhof. #burlesque. #theorleans. #burlesquehalloffame. #burlesquelegends. #lasvegasburlesque. STALK ALL THE HASHTAGS. The InstaStories and Facebook Live should be popping all weekend... endless entertainment from afar. You can also follow the performers who are competing and showcasing for inside looks into the competition and maybe even up-close glimpses of the INSANE costumes. Bc you know some of these heauxs spent thousands of dollars on their lewks and I'm sorry, but I'm here for it! lol #IsThatChinchilla

  • Follow burly journalists and insiders. And there are plenty that will be recording from BHoF this year! Off the top of my head, I know about "The Pastie Tapes" and Aria Delanoche's "Get Behind Burlesque" (Aria rightfully and appropriately requires a paid subscription because her content is just that good and incredibly informative for burly newbs and students). There's also sometimes live updates from 21st Century Burlesque and pin-up/burly star Ashleeta Beauchamp, although I'm not sure if they'll be doing it this year. Follow everyone!

  • Celebrate on your own! Because burlesque is my "sports," I took off work until Monday so I can party vicariously through everyone else. Also, my mom's coming into town for the DC Jazz Festival and we're going to do lots of grown-up gallivanting all over the city. Not a bad distraction from all the BHoF fun that I'm missing out on. The point? Even if you're not in Vegas, live your best life where ever you are!! You are still a bad-ass motherfucking burlesque performer. Act like it -- go somewhere and get naked.

  • Support your faves from afar. If a burly friend is posting anxious or tense messages on social media while at BHoF, let them know you love them and are wishing them the best! The energy at The Orleans this weekend is probably on 1000... it may help to offer a kind or loving word. I personally am a big ball of anxiety, so I'm actually happy about missing all the awkward social interactions and weird drunken encounters, haha. But I'd still love to be there! If anyone of my friends (you know who you are) feel anxious, feel free to FaceTime me and I'll be happy to keep you some non-BHoF-attendee company.

  • Volunteer for BHoF from afar. Find a way to support this amazing museum on your own since we couldn't get tickets. I write for the website whenever I can, and I'm honored to do so! They just published a "Who's Who" I wrote on Jean Idelle, and I'm just happy I can give back in some way. Figure out a way to use your unique talents to uplift our legends and the legacy of burlesque in America. BHoF is a non-profit!

And that's all I got. Have fun, everyone, no matter where around this globe you are! We are all connected by the magic happening in Vegas this weekend. <3

Until next time,


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