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Gearing Up for Jeezy's Juke Joint

I'm headed to the unofficial-official black burlesque family reunion in March!

It’s Black History Month! What better way to kick off this glorious exalted occasion than to talk about everybody’s favorite black-ass burlesque extravaganza, JEEZY’S JUKE JOINT!

A long time ago, when Bebe Bardot was just a glimmer in my eye, I saw a tiny, feisty, incredibly entertaining burlesque performer in a little dive bar in D.C. I was there on an OK Cupid date (ew, I know) and I barely remember that guy’s name (it was a first AND last date), but I do remember almost every moment of that performance. And it wasn’t in a “omg-i-wanna-do-it-too” kinda way, but a “holy-shit-this-is-some-good-ass-live-entertainment” kinda way.

That night, instead of moping over a bad date, I went home and Googled tf outta that performer. Her name was Jeez Loueez, and I bet we all know just who she is! I quickly found out about Jeezy’s Juke Joint, and was sent spiraling down a social media web of photos and videos of black people being carefree, loving their bodies and celebrating each other, and just all kinds of melanated excellence. I remember wanting to go so badly but not being able to take off work. Le sigh. Jeez is one of my first favorites, and I’ll never forget the way she made me feel watching her onstage. Seeing a black woman move like that and captivate an audience… it was really powerful!

If you are not in Chicago and/or can’t make it in March, please consider donating to the Jeezy Juke Joint's GoFundMe

Fast forward years later. When the opportunity came to apply to Jeezy’s Juke Joint, I knew I had to take it. I cried when I was accepted! So many people I love and admire have graced the JJJ stage - my mentor and burlesque mother Egypt, my House of Knyle sister and burly boss Briq House, my local fave Eva Mystique, Perle Noire, Essence Revealed, and so, so many more - and I felt like I was walking in their footsteps.

Now, Jeezy’s Juke Joint is a little over one month away! If you are not in Chicago and/or can’t make it in March, please please please consider donating to the GoFundMe this Black History Month. 

Donations will help fund:

- Travel and lodging for guests - Backstage hospitality for the cast - Venue rental - Marketing and advertisement (poster printing, online ads) - Photography and Videographer costs - Studio rental deposits for workshops and classes taught by our cast - Upgrading our merch options - Swag bags for  cast and VIP ticket holders

The producers are already working hard to ensure this will be an amazing show for everyone involved, so it would mean a lot if you could give what you can. Every dollar counts! I have already bought my flight and just secured housing, so I am in there for sure. But the show definitely still could use your help!!

To prepare for Jeezy’s, I’m thinking about taking most of March off. I have been going-going-going all year so far, and with family, school, work, and other life stuff I know I will need a break. I kind of want to refresh myself for Jeezy’s, only work on my signature act that I’ll be performing, and just practice practice pracitce and focus. I’m excited!!

I’ll definitely keep you all updated on how the GoFundMe is going, and I’ll also share some of my crazy ass practice videos (I push myself really hard during studio time - that shit ain’t cheap, gotta get the money’s worth). 

Until next time!

If you are not in Chicago and/or can’t make it in March, please consider donating to the Jeezy Juke Joint's GoFundMe!

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