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The 2019 Golden Legend Champion Challenge

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Yesterday, I received some awesome news: I'll be competing as a protege in the 2019 Golden Legend Champion Challenge!

For those not in-the-know, the Golden Legend Champion Challenge (or "GLCC," for short) presents opportunities for up-and-coming burlesque performers to partner with burlesque legends active in the 1940s-1980s and superstar guest mentors. We work together for months developing top-secret acts, and then we'll all meet up in Florida for a big competition and showcase. It's all in the name of learning more about the art of the tease and connecting past generations of burlesque stars with newer performers.

**UPDATE, 3/8/2019: The GLCC producers announced the pairings, and I'll be working with the one and only Dusty Summers, nude magician extraordinaire, author, and all-around LEGEND!

I'm in a group with Starry Delight, known as Tennessee's "Tease of the Twilight"! She's a burlesque/polesque performer and I'm really looking forward to getting to know her as well. Excited is an understatement -- I am truly honored to be on this journey!


People who have read my blog know how much burlesque legends mean to me. I am proud to say I am not alone in my tremendous respect for the legends -- almost every single performer I speak with, whether they are new or older, is in awe of the legends. This is because even though legends age (they are human, after all), they never lose their magic. They can command audiences now just as easily as they commanded audiences back in the day! And I've heard they can be quite passionate and fiery. I am humbled and thrilled for the chance to learn from one of them!

The Guest Mentors are incredibly talented, as well. They include burlesque queen/my beloved burlesque mother, Egypt Blaque Knyle, and my amazing dancer/choreographer big sister Mayo Lua de Frenchie. I highlight them because they are my family, but I would be honored to be paired with any Guest Mentor on that list. They are all just that incredible.

We haven't been paired up with our legends/mentors yet, but I will be sure to share as much of my journey as I am allowed. I may get a serious mentor that prefers we work in complete isolation with no outside distractions. I may get a mentor who shares their performing secrets, things one could only know from being in a dressing room backstage in the 60s or being a traveling showgirl in the 70s or any other unique identifier that is central to their own lived experience. I don't want to break any sacred trust I develop with whoever I am paired with, so I may be very cautious about spilling too many details here on the blog!

Also: so many of my friends and burlesque family are also headed to compete. I already know we will have a blast together in Florida. Excited is an understatement - can't wait to see where this journey takes us!

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