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My First Drag Performance!

Last night, I had the distinct honor of performing in the iconic Pretty Boi Drag's #OpenKingNight Pride Spectacular show. It was, in one word, hilarious.

This is Bebe King, Jr. He's a product of my imagination inspired mostly by Rick James and Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Rec. He just wants to party and "make love" to all the ladies.

At first, I thought -- there's no way this is gonna work out. I am WAY too femme, way too girly, and just outright too pretty to make a "good" dude.

But NOPE... after my boyfriend (he's known around here as "The Illustrator") applied my mustache, I made a pretty convincing softboi. Throughout the night, people would alternately scream out "It's Rick James, bitch!" and "SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!" as I walked by.

I found myself oddly led by my imaginary penis -- it seemed to whisper to me from inside my pants, threatening to break free at any moment and hump unsuspecting inanimate objects. Men have it so hard! Shout out to men.

Anyway, the costuming was the hardest part. What is a belt? I tend to only wear dresses, and seriously only own two pairs of yoga pants and one pair of too-tight jeans. Since I am broke and own no pants, I ended up "making" a pair of pants out of a snakeskin onesie that I just had laying around (totally normal). My boyfriend loaned me a "manly" button-down shirt, and I had to pin the hacked onesie to my "blouse".

Yes... I was a hot fucking mess. But I went out there and gave it my all! Here's a lil' clip, lol:

The crowd seemed to love Bebe King, Jr. He humped so. many. people.

After covering my face in fake cocaine and stuffing all my tips into my crotch to make a giant Money-Dick package, I left the stage laughing hysterically on cloud nine.

Will Bebe King, Jr. ever make another coked-up sexually chocolatey appearance? Time will only tell!

But one thing is for sure: what drag kings get up there and do takes a special kind of finesse. Lip-syncing while hitting choreo and seducing an audience is tougher than it looks! Also, on a personal note, it's hard to wear pants because you have to keep them up with gadgets like "belts" and "hooks". Who knew?!

I hope Bebe King, Jr. gets to sleaze his way across another stage one day! I will keep working on his act so that he can hang with the big bois I saw gracing that stage last night -- they were all phenomenal!!

Until next time,


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