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Recap: The House of Knyle Bingo Show

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Egypt Blaque Knyle and Audrey DeLuxe partnered together for one amazingly diverse and entertaining show full of performers trained by Egypt - including me!

Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography

The House of Knyle mentorship graduation with Egypt Blaque Knyle was an incredibly transformative weekend of hard work + practice, bonding with the other mentees, and being almost nonstop inspired by the display of talent from Egypt’s chosen burlesque family.

I flew out to LAX on Saturday night and went straight to meet up with one of the other mentees, Nadia Lotte (a Cali-based pinup + performer w/ sass, class, and ass <3 – the holy trinity!), at Harvelle’s Long Beach. Harvelle’s was also our venue for the Bingo show the next night. Nadia was working a double-feature show that night, but she graciously set me up with a drink ticket and even walked me through the venue between the two shows. Nadia informed me that Harvelle’s is rigged to be a burlesque/gogo dancer’s dream - there are poles and thingies all across the ceiling so you can literally dance on the bar + tables and hang from the rafters! 

I was lucky and got to watch the shows. A highlight was meeting Simone Del Mar, and I was just transfixed by her. Simone actually won Egypt’s Bronze Beauties of Burlesque pageant in 2016, so I’ve long been a fan. She was ethereal onstage, and held herself with an enviable display of poise and grace. She’s elegant af!

After the show, we spent the night with the other mentees and Egypt. Most everyone was asleep or leaving by the time we arrived, but Twirlisha, Coco Rose, Lilac Saintclair, Nadia, and I chatted a little bit before calling it a night.

On Sunday, I really got the chance to bond with the other mentees. What we discussed and what we did before the show is top secret House of Knyle business, but let’s just say I fell in love with every single one of those performers and it became clear to me exactly why they were all chosen for the mentorship. 

Also, Egypt is totally a real life muse. I’m not sure if everyone believes in muses, and I know this word is used lightly or in jest sometimes. I am not saying it lightly right now – she has an uncanny ability to connect with her mentees, see into our intentions (both physical and mental), and help us bring our sensuality to the surface. It was magical to witness and experience, and she is a magical/blessed woman.

(Mind you - I’m saying she’s a muse, not a magician! She doesn’t work miracles. Egypt challenges us a lot and expects her mentees to put in a lot of hard work and careful thought.)

The show was OVERWHELMING in the best way! I was opening because I had to leave for a red-eye flight back across the country directly after the show. We got there and beelined backstage to get ready. I had a bit of surreal moment when I looked to my left and right and saw goddesses like Briq House, Crocodile Lightning, Mayo Lua de Frenchie, Dulce D’Jour, and all the other mentees getting ready together. Not to mention getting to meet Audrey DeLuxe herself and her amazing Lucky Charms (everyone knows how highly I value the art of form of stage kittening, and those ladies DID NOT disappoint)! Lately my burly-bibles have been House of Knyle member Mina Murray’s books - I even bring her first book of tips with me to shows - and it was nice to let her know in person how helpful her writing is.

We posed for lots of group pictures, and then there were like 20 minutes before the show started where I was just in a mountain of anxiety. I get like that before all shows, but this one felt a bit different because the anxiety showed itself as quiet intensity. I just sat there next to the stage in my pink feather bustle and satin dress, staring at the brightly-lit Burlesque Bingo marquee in a trance. I think one of Audrey’s Lucky Charms even asked if I was okay. I really was! I’m just weird. Lol.

And then bam! It was showtime. I heard Audrey call my name, and I went out there and did my best. These spectacular photos are by Tim Hunter Photography - so grateful he captured these moments!

I was nervous but I had a lot of fun! I remembered Egypt’s training, and I even busted one of burlesque legend Crystal Starr’s signature bump-n-grind moves from the 1950s! 

The rest of the night, I got to mostly relax and enjoy the show. Every single act was amazing, and that’s an understatement. This was burlesque at its best, in my opinion. While this was technically a House of Knyle mentorship graduation, it felt very much like a festival with the level of talent and showmanship onstage. And the diversity alone was enough to keep the audience on their f toes all night, not knowing what or who to expect and loving EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

I can not stress enough the importance of representation and diversity in burlesque, and I am so honored and appreciative of Audrey DeLuxe for giving us this platform and opportunity. All of Egypt’s mentees are unique in our own way, but we still put on a cohesive show and Egypt was the common thread. The audience saw something different in each of us, and it seems that they greatly appreciated it! Even I appreciated it, because I really felt like a fan since I got to experience the show after opening. I have a bunch of saved video clip highlights available under “House of Knyle” on my Instagram profile page - whenever the glitter crash hits, I just hit play on those videos and relive the moments! As you’ll see, my mind was blown the entire show, but I did get one selfie.

And then it was time for the grand finale! We all got another few 8-counts to make a last impression and I tried to make it count. A big thank you to Jason Kamimura for these photos:

As you can see, I am major Team No-Fishnets now. That was fast! lol.

And then Egypt did her solo, and we all joined her onstage. It was a really special and touching moment, no pun intended.

We presented Egypt with a gift - a pink diamond engraved with “Our Queen,” because she truly is royalty on and off the stage. 

And then, like a dream, it was over! I had to rush out like stripper Cinderella to make my flight. I briefly met the beautiful Sepia Jewel, had a quick chat with my #1 GIRL CRUSH FOREVER Veronica Voss (this one on stage is just… unfuckwitable), said quick goodbyes to my House of Knyle family, and then I was in a Lyft and on the way back to LAX, just like that.

I literally felt like I was levitating - that’s how uplifting the night was for me. And now, as I sit in 12 degree-weather in D.C., I am having the glitter crash hard. But as soon as my family saw me, they commented that something was different about me. I went straight into mom mode - decorating the house, wrapping gifts, and baking cakes for my son’s 3rd birthday - but that quiet intensity was still there.

Something about my confidence had shifted since Sunday. It is now deep-rooted in my soul, impenetrable. After seeing that show and knowing that Egypt chose me to be part of this family, I know deep in my soul that I have “it”. Every last one of us put our f all on that stage Sunday, and left pieces of our heart with everyone who saw. I know that burlesque is in my blood, it’s my fucking passion, and no one can ever take it away. I just have to stand in my truth, own my whole being, spark passion in my acts, and be a leader and not a follower. Perform my passion and let them see me. This performance was the first time I have ever just stood there after my act and let the audience clap - I usually have to force myself not to run offstage all coy. But this time, under Egypt’s direction, I just swam in the adoration and accepted it, and truly felt that I deserved it.

That’s what burlesque is all about. I feel blessed beyond measure.

Egypt’s mentorship is open to everyone. If you find her to be your muse, you are blessed as well - I will always recommend her mentorship to everyone and anyone who wants to work hard, learn their history, discover their true role and calling in burlesque, and much much more. She is something different to every single mentee!

I am so, so ready to continue my burlesque journey armed with Egypt’s training and love. My next show is this Saturday in Richmond, and it’s none other than the famous AFROTEASE produced by the dazzling Venessa Chevelle. Afrotease is also pivotal to my growth as a performer, so I’m just READY and feeling really like the luckiest burly girl on the planet right now. I hope everyone can make it out there for the show!

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