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BHoF 2019 Prep

Links to old articles, videos, blog posts, and more -- all about our favorite stripper pageant and Vegas museum.


Have I ever been? No! Did I get accepted to perform? NOPE! Do I have set plans on who will watch my Tazmanian Devil of a toddler while I’m frolicking with burly unicorns for a week in June? HELL NO! Am I so excited that I’ve already started buying outfits? HELL YEA!

The Burlesque Hall of Fame has been calling out to me for a little less than a year now. Sure, I knew about BHoF before I started performing, but it wasn’t until BHoF 2018 that I caught a strong case of the FOMO. As I sat there constantly refreshing my newsfeed to see what people were wearing and who won what - including who would be our new Queen of Burlesque, eeeeeeek - I knew that I just *had* to be there in 2019. And I promised myself that come hell or high water, I will be at BHoF this year with bells on (and maybe pasties, too). 

It’s literally everything my pageant-girl dreams are made of!

So if you’re anything like me, you’re way too f excited about something that’s happening like, four whole f months away. Here’s some reading that may help to tide you over, curated through Google stalking at 3am:

I’m sure I'll be bookmarking more fun BHoF content out there to help quench my thirst while we wait for June! I’ll add them as I find them. <3 

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